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How can an accounting company in Canada assist you?

If you are looking for a reliable business coach with whom you share your mind and get the best business advice you’ve been looking for, we are here. With 10 years of experience in helping businesses grow, we’ve mastered the skills of studying the market for you and helping you cope up with the latest trends that’ll take your business to the next level.

We help teams build a business of their dreams with our services.

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Supporting beauty and cosmetics businesses for all your services needs.


Specialist services and support tailored to construction and contractor worker.


We will ensure that recruiters and the organizations that employee them, are engaged correctly.


Supporting healthcare and dental businesses for all your services needs.

Whatever the size of your business, Brownboys Accounting  provides the most cost-effective way to add highly experienced professionals to your management team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most growing businesses first think of hiring an accountant when payroll or taxes become too complicated. But accountants can help with many kinds of challenges—business planning, incorporating, communicating with the Canada Revenue Agency during an audit, and more.

By taking care of the “down in the weeds” financials, your accountant can provide you with high-level information that’s easier to understand and act on. With the right reports, you’ll know not only how to keep your business running, but also whether you’re doing a good job of running it. 

Here are just a few examples of how BROWN BOYS ACCOUNTING can help you achieve success:

  • Analyze the relevant costs of, for example, producing different products, so you can truly know which one is most profitable.
  • Determine which of your customer segments costs the most money to serve, to analyze the profitability of your services.
  • Help you decide whether to make or buy a component necessary to your production process, purchase, or lease office space, hire or outsource workers, and so on.

We are a remote accounting firm with head office in Calgary, Alberta which means we work in all Canadian cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Winnipeg. We can help you no matter where you are located. 

We have the right experience to help you fill any gap in your back office, we respond quickly, we do great quality work, and we customize our workflows to fit to how you run your business. We are here to save you time and take your business to the next level.

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Olabanji Ibukunoluwa
Olabanji Ibukunoluwa
Jasleen and the guy that helped filed our tax was very polite and kind to us. I would definitely refer my friends to come file their tax here
Rhai Malabago
Rhai Malabago
I came here with friends to file our t4 the reception is very accommodating thanks toms.jasleen the service is absolutely fantastic very professional straightforward and well explained . Thanks to Mr Kartik for helping us and for being professional
Mark M
Mark M
Wort service ever, took our money for payroll, never paid to CRA and now not answering the calls. BE AWARE.
G Si
G Si
Guy never responds and didn't even file taxes after taking money always out of town excuse. Wouldn't deal with soppy person like this bad experience!!
Best place to file your taxes they will guide you through every step to file your tax return Thanks kartik Mittal!
Anita Mahi
Anita Mahi
Fast and efficient service. Very knowledgeable and helpful! Thanks Kartik!
Nishan Singh
Nishan Singh
Thank you Kartik for an amazing service for filling tax .
karan khetarpal
karan khetarpal
Kartik is very professional, prompt and helpful. Highly recommended !!!
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright
Excellent service
parveen arora
parveen arora
I have had amazing experiences with kartik and his excellence in the field. Highly recommended.

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