GST and Small Business Tax

Getting to know your business

Your business will be kept on track all year long and we'll provide you with more than just financial statements at year's end. The CPA will review the results, offer insights on how to grow next year, and answer any questions you may have, because we know success isn't just about numbers.

Tax Compliance

Every corporate income tax return filed with the CRA is 100% compliant due to the preparation and signing of financial statements and compilations by a CPA.

Management of Bills, Payments, and Cash

We can make sure your bills are paid on time, and we can help you manage your cash, so you always have the money you need.

T Slips(T4 or T5) & Personal Taxes

Every year, we'll take the hassle out of filing personal tax returns for you and your family so you can enjoy total peace of mind. Among the services we provide are investment income, capital gains, write-offs, expenses, deductions, and income splitting. To avoid penalties, we'll make sure you file your T4 or T5 slips by February 28 - whether you pay yourself a salary or dividends.

Support from the CRA

We know dealing with the CRA can be stressful - we'll take all your calls and stand behind our work

Support for Clients

You'll get superior support where you want it - our online Help Centre, chat, email, or by phone. We take the time to understand your needs and provide explanations when you need more guidance.

Return from Additional Corporate Entities

Holding companies require their own year-end preparation separate from the operating companies. True North Accounting lets you keep everything under one roof.

GST Return

Streamlined GST returns that match your corporate tax return each period. Save time and rest easy knowing it's taken care of for you.