Corporate Tax Return

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BBA Corporate Tax Return

In Canada, corporate taxes (T2s) must be filed annually for all registered corporations, both resident and non-resident, including inactive corporations, tax-exempt corporations, and non-profits.

A corporate tax return must be filed no later than six months after the end of each tax year. When filing, you are responsible for meeting deadlines and paying the any tax owed to the government.

Corporations rarely have simple income taxes and without professional preparation, filing, and consulting, you leave your business vulnerable to missed deadlines, hefty fines, and a damaged reputation.

We offer several corporate tax services to ensure your business is positioned for growth. We work with you throughout the year to understand how we can leverage our expertise to benefit your business and tactfully handle corporate tax issues. You can feel confident that you are trusting your finances to corporate tax accountants that are experienced, professional, and passionate about your business. 

Our Corporate Filing Services Start at $249.99/year.